A Staged House Is Magic for Buyers


Guest Blog Post by Cardinal Designs, a Tampa home staging and design firm:

Buyers use the Internet ALL the time to search for properties and 9 times out of 10, they choose the best looking photos to decide which houses they want to see or which ones they aren’t interested in. A staged home gets the potential buyer excited and starts the “emotional experience” of buying a house. In some of the most extreme cases I have actually seen buyers put contracts on homes strictly based on photos…and of course the home was staged. The fact is that only 20% of the population can even visualize what and how furniture could be placed in a home. Staging takes all of the guesswork out of buying a home.


A good stager will create “moments” or vignettes for the potential buyer…as seen in this picture of a kid’s teepee in a room…as to suggest that this would be a great kid’s room.

Staging not only helps the buyer but the seller as well! The Tampa real estate market is very hot right now so often my staging clients get anywhere from 97% of list price all the way up to 110% of the list price. I have had one client whose last 2 houses have gotten well over $10,000 above asking price! The time on the market is cut way down as well.




Every house has flaws and staging helps to direct a buyers eye elsewhere…which is why it is considered magic and in this market why wouldn’t you want to pull out every trick in the book as a seller? No ones wants to give away their house nor do buyers want to not feel excited about buying a new home. My business alone has grown immensely over the past 2 years because buyers, sellers, and realtors really see the magic in it!




Pineywoods Realty agents have been using Cardinal Designs for their staging their clients properties. We can be reached at 813-446-8360 for any of your staging needs. We do redesigns, vacant stagings, and can even help pick out paint colors! Our goal is the same as yours! Sell the house fast and for the most amount of money! Cardinalhomedesigns.com is our website.